Covid 19 Response: Christine Mc Dermott. RANP Neonatology, The Rotunda Hospital Chair, IAANMP.

The COVID 19 Crisis has affected healthcare delivery across all settings including Maternity Services. Visiting restrictions have been particularly burdensome for everyone especially for parents of premature and ill new born infants with very limited access the NICU. Technology has been our friend and has enabled us to send them videos and photos of their infants when they cannot be there. Discharge preparation is now online for parents to access, staff education following suit and zoom our new best friend. Communication has never been more vital as we adapt to this new reality.


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Mr. David Delaney

David is the newly elected Secretary. He currently works in the Emergency Department of University Hospital Limerick. David graduated from the University of Tasmania in Australia and started his career in cardiac care. From there he worked in the Intensive care units of the Royal Hobart Hospital, Tasmania, the Royal Prince Alfred, Sydney, St. James Hospital, Dublin and University Hospital Limerick. He is currently a Clinical Skills Facilitator in the Emergency Department of University Hospital Limerick. He has previously studied a postgraduate diploma in Intensive Care Nursing with NUI Galway and is currently in his dissertation year of this Masters in Advanced Nursing Care also with NUI Galway. David will be a registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner once his MSc is complete. David also holds a position on the student subgroup of the International Council of Nurses NP/APN network.